MBPC Hosts Legislative Candidate Budget Education Sessions

Last week, MBPC hosted state budget educational sessions in Billings and Great Falls for legislative candidates. This was a new venture for our organization, and we were excited by the strong turnout. We had nearly 30 participants at each location and candidates traveled as many as 340 miles to attend. Thanks to all who attended!

In Montana, the executive and legislative branches hold a constitutional responsibility to balance the state budget every two years.

Chambers of Commerce on Medicaid Expansion: In Their Own Words

At least 25 Chambers of Commerce across the country have supported Medicaid expansion, recognizing it as critical to businesses, workers, health care providers, and local economies.

Arizona – Arizona State Chamber Letter to Governor Brewer, signed by 12 other local Chambers (See also, Arizona Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Policy Brief: The Business Case for AHCCCS Expansion)

“A strong healthcare system is crucial to the economic health and vitality of the entire state.