Legislative Action: Subcommittee Cuts Nearly $1 Billion from DPHHS Base

The first action of the Joint Appropriations/Finance & Claims Joint Subcommittee for Health and Human Services was to cut $1 billion to start the budget process. The Subcommittee will now devote time to rebuilding a base, at a time when families, seniors, and people with disabilities who shouldered the brunt of similar budget cuts in 2017 are still hurting.

Present Law Budget: What does it mean and how does it affect our communities?

With the 2021 Montana legislative session less than a month away, decisions made by our state level policymakers will determine how Montanans weather this pandemic. The state budget is a big piece of that puzzle by providing funding for schools, health services, and maintenance of our roads and bridges.

Key budget terms that will be used a lot this session include present law budget, present law adjustments, and statewide present law costs.

An Early Look at Legislative Action on the State Budget

The 2019 Legislature enacted the state budget, housed within HB 2, providing funding for state agencies to provide services across the state. This report provides an overview of the key actions during the session. This report highlights a few pieces of the enacted HB 2 state budget.

MBPC presents at Montana League of Cities and Towns conference: How state budget cuts have impacted local governments

Last week, the Montana League of Cities and Towns hosted its annual conference, bringing together city managers, department staff, and local elected officials to discuss ongoing and emerging issues that our Montana cities and towns are tackling.

Yesterday’s Announcement of Cuts Restoration: Impact on DPHHS

On August 30, the governor announced how the roughly $45 million restored to state agencies would be allocated. Funds are allocated based on the level of cut for FY2019 that each agency faced during the special session. About $30 million will go back to the Department of Public Health and Human Services, which took a disproportionate cut compared to other agencies.

State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series – Developmental Disability Services

This blog is in MBPC’s on-going series to bring to light the impacts that state budget cuts have on the lives of everyday Montanans.

We began this series with a post about cuts within the Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS), which resulted in the closure of more than half of the state’s outreach offices. We have also covered cuts to mental health services, substance abuse disorder treatment services, and the unintended consequences of eliminating such services.

State Budget Cuts: Community Impact Series – Where are we at now?

This blog is a part of MBPC’s on-going series to bring to light the impacts that state budget cuts have on the lives of everyday Montanans. Today we’ll provide an overview of where the state budget stands now, given recent events and revenue projections.

To first take a step back, in November 2017, the legislative special session resulted in approximately $120.7 million in state general fund cuts to agencies.

Health service cuts menace Missoula Co. agencies, commissioners

KPAX Missoula County Commissioners heard messages of disappointment and frustration Wednesday as state budget cuts continue to slash local services. The information that was presented resonated around the daunting expectations that the cuts — specifically to preventative and case management services — will play out down the road in very harmful and expensive ways, according to Heather […]