Honoring Montana’s Veterans

Yesterday, we honored and remembered the veterans who have given so much to protect our freedom. We would like to extend a whole-hearted thank you to those who have served.

One of the ways we can honor our Montana veterans is by ensuring they always have access to quality, affordable health care by expanding Medicaid.

Did you know?

  • Montana has the highest percentage of uninsured veterans in the nation – 17.3%.
  • 4,400 uninsured veterans plus 2,500 of their family members in Montana would qualify for Medicaid expansion.
  • 2,600 underinsured veterans (those who only have access to VA care) would also qualify.
  • There is only one Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Montana, making it difficult for many Montana veterans to receive health care at one.
  • Uninsured veterans often have significant health issues that need treatment – one-third have at least one chronic health condition.

Montanans have always been proud to serve those who have honorably served us. Ensuring that these men and women who have worn our country’s uniform can receive the health care they need, while also bringing jobs to the state and boosting our economy, is the right choice for Montana.

To learn more about how Medicaid expansion would benefit Montana’s veterans, be sure to read MBPC’s report here: Medicaid Expansion Would Benefit Montana Veterans.

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