Montana Loses $1.84 Million Every Day It Waits for Medicaid Expansion

 Montana is stuck in a waiting room.Montana's Fading Opportunity__1

Waiting for much needed revenue. Waiting for health care for thousands of Montanans.

Every day Montana stays in the waiting room, the state loses out on a staggering $1.84 million, a fact sheet released today by the Montana Budget and Policy Center shows.

That’s how much federal money would come into the state every day under expansion. It’s money that not only will pay for health care for as many as 70,000 Montanans, it will support jobs across the state and strengthen our economy.

The clock is ticking and the lost dollars are mounting. This Saturday, April 19, marks the day Montana will have lost out on $200 million in federal investment.

Montana can’t keep waiting. It’s time to move forward with Medicaid expansion. 

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