On the Road: Talking about the economic benefits of pre-K

By investing in pre-K programs, we know Montana will experience significant short-term and long-term economic returns. Children will be better prepared for kindergarten and experience economic improvements over their lifetime. Working parents with access affordable and reliable child care are more productive and experience less absenteeism in the workplace. Businesses are, in turn, more productive and benefit from a more skilled workforce. And our state economy will experience lower special education and crime costs over time, producing a significant return on its investment.  I had the opportunity to present our work at the annual conference for the Montana Association for the Education of Young Children, held last week in Billings.  Thanks to the Montana Head Start Association for inviting MBPC to participate.  And a special thanks to Megan Corolan with the National Institute for Early Education Research and Timothy Bartik, author of From Preschool to Prosperity, for their feedback and assistance. You can find my presentation from Friday here.

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