Investing in Pre-K: Frequently Asked Questions

Montana has the opportunity to invest in quality, public pre-Kindergarten and strengthen Montana’s children and families, our communities, and the state’s economy. Pre-K helps parents work, reduces education costs, increases future earnings of participants, and reduces the state’s spending on corrections. A high quality, public pre-K program will make us more competitive among neighboring states, benefit taxpayers, and enhance economic vitality.

Support around the state is growing for investing in our youngest learners. However, some have questions about what this would mean for our state. To answer some of these important questions, we developed Investing in Pre-K: Frequently Asked Questions. It answers questions such as:

  • What does quality pre-K really mean?
  • How does pre-K impact a child participant?
  • Do the positive effects of pre-K last?
  • How does investing in pre-K help families?
  • How does investing in pre-K help businesses?
  • How does investing in pre-K help the state economy?
  • How will this impact existing private child care providers and Head Start programs?

>>> Read the full FAQ sheet here.

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